May 14th, 2010

Friday, and where I live it’s finally getting warm.

Here we go…

» Phoenix Remix of Grizzly Bear

[sort of]
Phoenix got too busy to remix Grizzly Bear’s track “Foreground”, so they decided to just put the original on the web alongside Eno’s Discreet Music version of the Pachelbel Canon.
Sent in by Stef. G.

» The Vintage Ad Browser

[self explanatory]
For print ads like this one. Yikes…

» Vending Spree

“I am going to consume and review every item in my office vending machine and there is nothing you can do to stop me.”
Wow. Sounds serious!
Also: Just how big is this vending machine?!

» Give Up, Robot

Another addictive little platform flash game.
Sent in by Jennidub.

Bonus Link!

» 8 Websites You Need To Stop Building

[self explanatory]

And there you have it.

Happy Friday, Friday people.