May 21st, 2010


We are now precisely one month away from the official beginning of Summer 2010. I for one am excited.

Here we go…

» The Most Awesomest Thing Ever

“You have happened upon the quest for THE MOST AWESOMEST THING EVER. In each battle, we will pit two things against one another. It’s up to you to decide which is more awesome. Over time, the awesomest will prevail. Battle On.”
[self explanatory… I guess.]
My first “battle” was between a Boomerang and a Big Mac. Boomerang won. Your turn.

» NY Times Blog: Moment In Time

“Here it is: Earth, covered by stacks of thousands of virtual photographs, corresponding in location to where they were taken by Lens readers at one ‘Moment in Time’ (15:00 U.T.C., Sunday, May 2).”
This could eat up a lot of time.

» Prosopamnesia

A kind of mesmerizing little… thing.
Give it some time, it loads a bunch of things to get going.
Discovered by Ashy.

» 8-Ball Quick Fire Pool

Extremely addictive. Impressive for a flash game to have this level of detail as well.

Have a great (long) weekend, everybody!