Nov. 5th, 2010


Here we go…

» The Johnny Cash Project

A really interesting international, communal art project.
Discovered by Brandi Z.

» Damn You Auto Correct!

Documenting the comedic mishaps that occur when autocorrect takes over for you on iChat, using an iPhone.
“I’m gonna take a howler”
“The moon isn’t full…”
“Lol shower!!!”
“Haha alright”
Sent in by Jenny G.

» Homemade SLR Camera

Pretty amazing if you ask me.

» In3structotank!

Totally addictive flash game. As usual.
Sent in by Jennidub. As usual.

Bonus Link!

» Boba Fett’s Invoice to Jabba the Hutt

For you Star Wars completists.
Who knew Fett was so meticulous with his accounting?

Enjoy your weekend everybody.