Jan. 28th, 2011

You’ve made it to the last Friday in January 2011.


» One Year, One Canadian

“For the year of 2011, I’m living Canadian. For 12 months, I will only buy Canadian products, eat Canadian food and consume Canadian media.”
An interesting little project.

» 1957 Time Capsule

A blog that posts a daily entry about what happened on this date in the year 1957.

» Information is Beautiful: Horoscoped

“Do horoscopes really all just say the same thing? We scraped & analysed 22,000 to see.”
I am a data-mining nerd so I found this interesting. What if they just published the same posting every day and just called it “Encouragement”?

» Goblin War Machine

Sent in by Alison L.

Bonus Link!

» Baseball Card Hall Of Fame

My current favorite: Deadliest Mindrays.

Enjoy your weekend, Friday folks.