Mar. 25th, 2011

Welcome to the first Friday in Spring 2011! Hopefully it’s getting warmer wherever you are.

And hey! Here are some Friday Links!

» James’ Face

“I like going onto my friends facebook page, taking photos of him, changing his face slightly then putting them back up on Facebook. He doesn’t like me doing this.”
Hilarious (in my opinion.) Also clearly annoying.

» Playbutton

“Why just play a record when you can wear it too? Playbutton is a wearable button that plays music: A record that plays itself.”
A neat idea, especially as a gift. All indie artists so far.

» Your Favorite Children’s Books Translated Into Latin

“Grinchus” is easily my favorite. Wow.

» Pica Pic

A huge selection of early-80’s handheld electronic games, now available for free on the web. More games will be added as time goes on.
You’re welcome.
Sent in by numerous subscribers.

Bonus Link!

» Red Hot Rob Ford

Out of context captioning of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
My favorite so far: “these faces are too close to kissing me”.
Sent in by Stef G.

Time for the weekend. Have a great one.


Mar. 18th, 2011

Friday. At last.

Time for some Friday links.

» Qwiki

“Qwiki’s goal is to forever improve the way people experience information.”
Holy crap no kidding. This is one of the best interfaces I’ve ever seen. Enter a topic and it grabs the wikipedia entry and numerous images from Google, then narrates the results.
Sent in by Laura F.

» Japan Earthquake Before and After

“Hover over each satellite photo to view the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami.”
This has been such a devastating event I was hesitant to post anything about it because I personally find it very difficult to watch. This set of satellite images show just how calamitous this earthquake has been. My thoughts go out to these people.

» You Are Listening To Los Angeles

An interesting ambient mashup of music with a live stream of a police scanner. A really odd mixture but I kept it on for quite a while.

» Jorinapeka

A VERY addictive little puzzle game. Well done.
Sent in by Minh P.

Bonus Link!

» reALIze

“Realize is a unique and thought-provoking monument inspired by the iconic presence of Muhammad Ali”
Sent in by Jennidub.



Mar. 11th, 2011

Ahhhh Friday. And only ten days from Spring!

Here are some links I came across… (or that I wasn sent by subcscribers.)

» Denver Post: From the Archive: Frontier Life in the West

Some really fantastic archival photos of the American midwest circa 1890 – 1891, taken by John C.H. Grabill.

» Incredible Moleskine Sketches

“When it comes to Moleskine sketches, no one does it quite like Swedish artist Mattias Adolfsson”
No kidding!
Sent in by Kelly S.

» Honest Movie Titles: 2011 Edition

[self explanatory]
Sent in by Jennifer R.

» Battlepaint!

Takes some getting used to but it sure is fun.

Bonus Link!

» March Madness Infographic

[self explanatory]
See also this one.

Have a happy Friday!


Mar. 4th, 2011

Welcome to Friday (and March.)

Let’s go…

» Earthquake in New Zealand

Sent in by several subscribers.

» One Day On Earth

“On 10.10.10 we documented the world. Explore our video archive.”
A ridiculous amount of videos in here. A really interesting project. They are compiling a DVD which can by pre-ordered with proceeds going to educational initiatives worldwide.

» Andrew Myers: Screw Art

“Laguna Beach based Andrew Myers is the only artist in the world who uses screws as the main medium to create three-dimensional artworks. Simply put – he screws art.”
Very cool. He uses from 6,000 to 35,000 wood screws to create his portraits.
Sent in by Jennifer G.

» Famous Objects From Classic Movies

A very fun, very addictive game.
Sent in by Satan’s Sidekick.

Bonus Link!

» Hënj: ikea stonehenge infographic

This will really brighten up your home.
Sent in by Tara P.

Have a most excellent weekend everybody.