May 27th, 2011

Hello Friday!

And I guess goodbye May 2011. (snif!)

Here we go…

» Anatomy of a Mashup: Definitive Daft Punk

A pretty cool visual exploration of a mashup of numerous Daft Punk samples. Well done.

» Literally Unbelievable

“Stories from The Onion as interpreted by Facebook”
These people make the mistake of assuming that satirical “news” site The Onion is an actual news site. Hilarity most definitely ensues.

» Doug’s Word Clocks

“A word clock is a clock that tells the time using English words.”
I think I want one. Really well done. (You can buy kits to make your own, btw.)

» Checkpoint!

A very frustrating but fun platformer game.

Bonus Link!

» Game of Thrones Relationship Infographic

Quite complex.

Enjoy your weekend everybody.