Jul. 22nd, 2011

Phew! This Friday, for where I live, is a really hot one. Just in time for the weekend!

Also in time for the weekend? Your Friday Links!

Here we go…

» Naturayarte

Extremely intricate, beautiful artwork, created from delicately cut leaves.
“Naturayarte is an artistic project that we seek to live my little family and me.”

» Suspicious Vans

“Have you checked on your kids lately?”
No doubt! Yikes. Note: Some vans nsfw.

» Holy Maury Mother of God

Another single-use tumblr site. After reading several of these I have to ask myself: How does a TV show like this actyally exist? Ridiculous.
Sent in by Alison L.

» Royal Tea

It’s a simple yet decidedly odd little flash game.
Sent in by Tyler F.

Bonus Link!

» Beautiful Swear Words

[self explanatory]
Definitely potentially not safe for work, due to (you know) swear words.

Stay cool this Friday everybody!

Happy Friday!