Jul. 29th, 2011

And there went July! That was fast.

Time for some links, yes?

» The GE Show: Future Flight

GE built a searchable website of most of the major airports around the world. Kind of neat. Also includes artful photos people have taken around each of the airports.

» Wheel Of Concept

For creative agency types who need a quick idea for their anxious clients.
Sent in by Erin A.

» Spock Is Not Impressed

[self explanatory]
Kind of funny.

» Gap Monsters

A fun, interesting concept for a Flash game.

Bonus Link!

» Slate: A History of Air Conditioning

Given that this is something I and many people are hunting for lately (we hit close to 120F last week after humidity), and that I’ve wondered how they work in general, here you go.
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Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, and happy end-of-July.