Sep. 23rd, 2011

Happy Friday!

You know what time it is…

» Show Me x Non-Stop

Enter a search term, and this site will play you non-stop videos from YouTube that meet the search criteria.
Kind of better in some ways than YouTube Playlists. Nice find.

» Things Apple is Worth More Than

“Apple’s Market Cap is Now $340 Billion. What’s Littler?”
The entire economy of Singapore. All the illegal drugs in the world. Etc. Crazy.

» Reasoning With Vampires

A blogger dissects several of the more confusing passages from the Twilight series.
Sent in by Ana D.

» Mental Pong

An odd, odd little re-do of Pong. Distracting!
Nerd extra: this is not a flash game! It’s completely generated in the browser. You should be able to play it on your iPad. Neat!

» Archie Out Of Context

Funny! (Mostly)

And there you have it!

Enjoy your weekend, Friday people.