Dec. 30th, 2011

Happy almost New Year everybody!

And welcome to your Friday Links.

» bookdedications

“Or, put simply, a load of dedications I’ve found written inside second-hand books.”
The blogger, Wayne Gooderham, wrote a pretty interesting article for the Guardian about it too. Great stuff.

» Barbie Trashes Her Dream House

Artist Carrie M. Becker transforms a Barbie-sized environment into… well… a mess. 🙂 All done miniature-size. Actually very impressive, and disturbing.

» Where The F___ Should I Go For Drinks

An ingenious little website.
It’s actually recommended some interesting places to me. Well done.

» Cuboy Hot Pants

AKA: Qbert, only with fire chasing you.

Bonus Link!

» procatinator

Load the site. It randomly selects a gif of a cat and an audio clip. Randomly. That is all.
Sent in by Jenni W.

I hope everyone’s year ends on a high note. Thanks for being a Friday Links subscriber.