Feb. 17th, 2012

How is it already Friday again?! Crazy!

But: I’ll take it!

» The Top 100 Most Strange, Odd, Perplexing and Unintentionally Funny Vintage Valentine Cards EVER!

Uh… well! These are certainly interesting. 🙂

» Sarah Esteje’s Pen Illustrations

Wow. Really striking.
She also has a tumblr site where she’s getting lots of requests for prints. Well done.

» Polygon Heroes

Some great poster art depicting well-known comic heroes and other figures in low-res output.
It’s oddly expressionist. I like it.

» Choose Your Weapon 5

A really, really addictive platformer flash game. Very fun.

Bonus Link!

» Animals That Do People Things

Ahhh tumblr… 🙂
Some of these are great.

Happy Friday everybody.