Apr. 13th, 2012


The thirteenth!!! [Orchestra!]

And now: some links!

» Flux Machine

Animated gifs in which the creator puts spooky effects into archival photos.
Some of this is quite well done.

» Andy Diaz Hope: Better Living

“Andy Diaz Hope deconstructs his own digital photographs and painstakingly reassembles the original image in a mosaic of gelatin pill capsules, each containing small portions from several original prints.”

» John Goodman’s Face on Anime Girls

[self explanatory… and ?!?!]
Some imagery nsfw.
Sent in by Ashy.

» New York Shark

This is the most insane game. Be warned: not for the easily annoyed. Very fun though.
Sent in by Gino F.

Bonus Link!

» Google: Really Advanced Search

I think I’d like to one day hang out with these people. Funny!
See also Nigeria Google.

Well that was fun.

Now go enjoy your weekend!