May 25th, 2012

Friday! At last! And it’s the last one of May (where did it go?!)

Let’s get it started…

» Cut paper messages by Annie Vought

“I have been working with cut out correspondence for the past four years. I meticulously recreate notes and letters that I have found, written, or received by enlarging the documents onto a new piece of paper and intricately dissecting the negative spaces with an Exact-o knife.”
See also her website.


“We hang disposable cameras everywhere. Some get stolen. Most don’t.”
Pretty cute idea.
Sent along by Laura R.

» Scenes from Brasil

Really beautiful shots taken of this captivating country.

» Housefly

Now that Summer is almost here and all…
This is a neat, discovery-based flash game. I like.
Sent along by Jennidub. (Who is addicted.)

Bonus Link!

» LaughingSquid: Skull Bookshelf Sculptures

My first thought is “don’t… touch… anything…”
Sent along by Kelly S.

Have a great, warm, fantastic Friday.