Jun. 29th, 2012

Friday’s here! July is (virtually) here! The (hopefully, for many of you) long weekend is here!

Friday Links are here!

» Intricate Architecture Made of Hand-Cut Ledger Paper

“Looking something like wireframe models built out of paper, artist Jill Sylvia creates her insanely detailed architectural models out of a very unique material: hand-cut ledger paper.”

» Build With Chrome: Lego Google Maps

Build with lego pieces right onto a map of Australia and New Zealand.
This is crazy! Probably pretty addictive too.

» Endangered Languages Project

“Experts estimate that only 50% of the languages that are alive today will be spoken by the year 2100.”
I think this is a fascinating project. Sent in by many subscribers.

» Super Big Gun Adventure

I’ll be honest, it’s got a weird user interface, but it’s funny, and fun.
Sent in by Ashy.

Bonus Link!

» 30 Best Tumblr Pics From 1992

1992 was 20 years ago. You are welcome.
Sent along by Kevin L.

Have a great weekend everybody. Welcome to July!