Jul. 6th, 2012

The heat. My god the heat.

But at least it’s Friday, right?

Let’s begin shall me?

»  Fabio Ongarato Design: Baker D. Chirico

This is the design this agency came up with for what appears to be a smashing cafe / bistro / bakery in St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. Fantastic!

» Teacher Gregory Euclide makes 25 minute whiteboard artworks lunch break

“These are the astonishing masterpieces created by a high school teacher during his 25-minute lunch break – and then simply wiped away. Gregory Euclide began making his ephemeral artworks to show pupils at his school in the Minnesota River Valley what could be achieved in just a short space of time.”
These are, sincerely, breathtaking works.
Fun fact: Euclide also did the artwork for the latest Bon Iver album.

» Peter Krige: O.update

“In 2025, consumer electronics will no longer be the same as we know them today. They will be purchased through the O.System. Using printable electronics and rapid manufacturing processes a more local consumer electronics industry is born.”
In essence: in the near future we’ll be able to print our own electronics, or create new electronic devices from printable modules and elements.
He makes it look pretty easy.

» Conundrum Contraption

Another seemingly simple platformer flash game, but with a heart. Aw? P.S.: Time Travel

Bonus Link!

» Imgur: Kit Kat Chunky, XXXXL

Submitted without comment. Crazy.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday. Hopefully in a nicely air conditioned space. Possible with some excellent gelato…

Happy Friday!