Jul. 20th, 2012

Here it is. At last. That day at the end of the work week: Friday

And here are some cool websites.

» Shell: Artic Ready: Gallery

Ohhh boy…
Shell Oil makes the fatal mistake of letting the general public create their own ads using pre-selected images of endangered wildlife, iceburgs, etc.
Check out the highlights.

» Angelica Dass: Humanae

Artist Angelica Dass takes photos that match the subject’s skin colour to their precise Pantone value. Kind of neat.
More info (in Spanish) on her website.

» If The Wizard of Oz Took Place in China

Sent in by a few subscribers. Fantastic.

» Action Turnip

A frantic, frantic little flash game. Fun / frustrating.
Sent in by Rachael L.

Bonus Link!

» Buzzfeed: 22 Reasons Why Design Was More Awesome In The ’80s

[self explanatory]

Enjoy the rest of your Friday, and have a fantastic weekend.