Jul. 27th, 2012

Welcome to the last Friday in July.

Where did that go?!

Let’s begin.

» Pop Spots NYC

“The exact Spots where famous events of Pop culture took place (with a focus on New York City.)”
By “events of Pop culture”, he mostly means LP covers.
My pick, so far, West Side Story.
This must have taken a while to compile. Really well done.

» Google Street View: Gallery

You can check out several Antarctica research facilities, the Amazon, Historic Italy and a bunch of other things in some significant detail. I like.

» Imgur: 1965 Serro Scotty Sportsman

A photo essay on the complete – and I do mean complete – tear down and reconstruction of a 1965 camper trailer.
Amazing work.
After some digging, it turns out there are many other rebuilders out there. But it looks like this is the most intensive rebuild so far.

» Perspective

Not what I thought it would be (some weird 2d / 3d switcheroo) but still very fun.
Sent in by Bekka V.

Bonus Link!

» Brandalism: Gallery

Currently showing this art activist group’s modifications to the new Olympic billboards throughout the UK. These are fantastic.

Happy Friday, Friday Links people!