Oct. 12th, 2012

Just in time: It’s Friday!

There are now 19 shopping days left until Hallowe’en. oooOOOOoooo….

Let’s git ‘er done.

» Monsters University

For a fake website, this one is both entertaining and insanely detailed. Crazy.
Sent along by Kyrsten G. Well done.

» Blue Apron: All the ingredients you need to cook a meal.

An excellent idea.
Currently they only deliver to the Northeastern US. Their meals look amazing.

» Patrick Winfield: Composites

“Patrick Winfield is a Brooklyn, New York based Visual Artist and Graphic Designer. He creates collages and large scale composite images that are built from multiple single instant photographs using various film mediums.”
Sent along by Trevor S.

» Know Your States

A bit of a challenge. You are given each US state in random order and you have to place them in their correct location. Fun!

Bonus Link!

» Modified Tube Station Signs

Suggested by Howard Y.

Happy Friday everybody!