Nov. 9th, 2012

Phew. Hello Friday! At last…

If you’re like me, you probably want a few links right about now.

» White People Mourning Romney

[self explanatory]
Thank you again, Tumblr.
Speaking of Romney, how about this little mishap? 😉

» Look At This Photograph

Upload an image and Nickelback will sing their iconic single “Photograph” while holding it.
You’re welcome.
Sent along by Kate S.

» Creative Photos of Kids Enjoying Make-Believe Activities at Home

“British advertising photographer Tim MacPherson has a wonderful series of photographs showing children having fun in imaginary worlds created out of ordinary objects. Kids are seen couch surfing, skiing down stairs, and horseback riding on shelves.”
Adorable! Sent in by Bonnie P.

» Into Space 2

Help launch a rocket. Sounds easy…

Bonus Link!

» StarWarigami

[self explanatory]
Some of these are pretty impressive.

Enjoy the rest of your mid-Autumn Friday everybody.

See you next week.