Dec. 28th, 2012

Happy mid-holidays, Friday people!

It’s the last Friday of 2012!

Here we go…

» New Trampled Snow Art from Simon Beck

“Since 2004 England-based Simon Beck has strapped on a pair of snowshoes and lumbered out into the the freshly fallen snow at the Les Arcs ski resort in France to trample out his distinctly geometric patterns, footprint by footprint. Each work takes the 54-year-old artist anywhere between 6 hours and two days to complete…”

» The Atlantic Wire: Look At All These Guns People Got for Christmas

[self explanatory]

» Wikipedia: Timeline of the far future

Several people introduced me to this article over the past several weeks and I decided I think it’s interesting enough to post here.
Some warnings: It is long. It is in places very difficult to comprehend. It is fascinating.

» Run

A really innovative flash game. You’ll figure it out.
Sent along by Traci T.

Bonus Link!

» Vintage Christmas card collection

“This is a part of my postcard collection that we are using to make mosaics. More than 700 of my favorite Old Russian Soviet New Year greeting cards. Here you can see postcards of soviet era (1950 – 1990).”
Sent along by Jenni W.

Happy Friday, and have a Happy New Year!

See you next year.


Dec. 21st, 2012

Hey everybody!

Happy Solstice!

Here are your Friday Links…

» One On Twoism

“a mixed compilation series by independent electronica artists”
Inspired by the early works of the low-fi electronic outfit Boards of Canada.
Definitely worth checking out. Beautiful.

» Weird Faces Study

Code that generates random cartoon faces. Amazing.
“Even though, the faces look hand-drawn, they are entirely expressed by algorithmic rules. Each face is random, each face is unique. Still, they look similar to my actual hand drawn faces.”


An online compendium of the world’s paper money.
Not the best design but some pretty interesting items inside.
Sent along by Teresa L.

» Jam With Chrome

Works best, as you might expect, in the Chrome web browser.
Pick an instrument, create a jam, and play music live with your friends online. Pretty insane.
Discovered and shared by Ashlee L.

Bonus Link!

» Which Wes Anderson Character Are You?

[self explanatory]
An infographic from
I, apparently, am Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom.

Have a great Friday, a fantastic weekend, and an amazing Holiday.

Merry Xmas!


Dec. 14th, 2012

Welcome back, Friday folks!

There are just seven more days left in Autumn.

Here we go…

» Shinichi Maruyama: Nude

“I tried to capture the beauty of both the human body’s figure and its motion.
The figure in the image, which is formed into something similar to a sculpture, is created by combining 10,000 individual photographs of a dancer.”
Despite the title, it’s sfw.
Very beautiful work.

» Now and Then | BLDGWLF

“To ‘raise awareness of the social and economic challenges the city of Detroit,’ website Detroiturbex explores and photographs abandoned buildings and places in and around the city. One of its recent projects focuses on Lewis Cass Technical High School, which had its building devastated by a major fire in 2007 (the building was subsequently demolished).

By combining old photographs of the school with new views of the abandoned building, it offers us a look into two different times: one that shows a vibrant campus and one that shows empty ruins.”
Great work. Heartbreaking.

» Quakescape 3D Fabricator

“Quakescape is a 3D fabricator that works by taking earthquake data from the site GeoNet ( and transferring it into the medium of art by using paint and Arduino technology.”
Really cool idea. Also: beautiful.

» Circle The Cat

A frustratingly challenging game.

Bonus Link!

» January

“January is a generative music tool. You walk around and lick snowflakes with your tongue, and the tool uses a set of rules to make choices about what the next note (or notes) will be.”
Very soothing… 🙂
Seriously a great little music generating game.

Enjoy the rest of your fabulous Friday!


Dec. 7th, 2012

Welcome back to Friday!

And now it’s already December. Crazy!

Time to explore…

» BoingBoing: 2012 Xmas Gift Guide

[self explanatory]
Some great ideas here.

» The Atlantic – 2012: The Year In Pictures

… part 1 of 3.
This is an amazing series.

» Paris 1914 on color photos

Google translation: “Due to the wide availability of records for color imaging method “Autochrome”, went on sale in 1907, came to us a charming color portrait of the French capital on the eve of the First World War. Rather, presented pictures taken by photographers from the group of banker and philanthropist Albert Kahn. This material was quite widespread in the web, but maybe someone has not seen it.”
Colour photographs of Paris in 1914. Beautiful!

» Avoid Your Coworkers ’cause you pooped your pants

Uh…. wow. I means it’s definitely a… challenging game. 🙂
Sent in by Stef. G. Yikes.

Bonus Link!

» Phil Lucas: Planning Notices

Random, very much insane “notices” posted around Brighton, UK.
Example: “An application has been submitted to the council for consideration:
We wish to close the medical centre immediately and turn the building into ‘Amanda Holden’s World of Ham’.”

Have a lovely Friday and a fantastic weekend, Friday Friends.