Dec. 7th, 2012

Welcome back to Friday!

And now it’s already December. Crazy!

Time to explore…

» BoingBoing: 2012 Xmas Gift Guide

[self explanatory]
Some great ideas here.

» The Atlantic – 2012: The Year In Pictures

… part 1 of 3.
This is an amazing series.

» Paris 1914 on color photos

Google translation: “Due to the wide availability of records for color imaging method “Autochrome”, went on sale in 1907, came to us a charming color portrait of the French capital on the eve of the First World War. Rather, presented pictures taken by photographers from the group of banker and philanthropist Albert Kahn. This material was quite widespread in the web, but maybe someone has not seen it.”
Colour photographs of Paris in 1914. Beautiful!

» Avoid Your Coworkers ’cause you pooped your pants

Uh…. wow. I means it’s definitely a… challenging game. 🙂
Sent in by Stef. G. Yikes.

Bonus Link!

» Phil Lucas: Planning Notices

Random, very much insane “notices” posted around Brighton, UK.
Example: “An application has been submitted to the council for consideration:
We wish to close the medical centre immediately and turn the building into ‘Amanda Holden’s World of Ham’.”

Have a lovely Friday and a fantastic weekend, Friday Friends.