Feb. 15th, 2013

We are 53.5% through February. 🙂

And! It’s Friday. And! We have our Friday Links now. So hang on…

» Find Your Way To Oz

An unbelievable online game / Chrome experiment. (Yes, it works best in Google Chrome.)
Sent along by CJ and many others. Well done.

» Chinese man creates intricate sculptures from EGG SHELLS

The artist in question being Wen Fuliang. These are amazing.

» New Weavesilk

A mesmerizing, beautiful, stunningly simple art interface.

» Mir & Ror

A challenging, addictive puzzle game.

Bonus Link!

» WTF Evolution?

“Honoring natural selection’s most baffling creations. Go home, evolution, you are drunk.”
Some insane entries on here. Amazing, but also very funny commentary.
Sent along by Cassie P.

Happy Friday 53.5-percenters!