Mar. 29th, 2013

Happy Friday! And for many people, today is “Good” Friday.

But every Friday is pretty amazing in my books.

Here we go…

» Paris 1900-2013 en photos

A really great interface that places a slider overtop of identical views from 1910-1920 and 2013. Really well done.
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» Actresses Without Teeth

…via the magic of (questionable) photoshopping.

» Trunk Club

Rather than just browsing and shopping online, Trunk Club will match you with a stylist who will find you appropriate, attractive clothing and package it up for you. I like.
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» Fear Less

Outrun death. Sounds pretty straightforward…

Bonus Link!

» I Hope Your Bag Is Comfortable, Asshole

Toronto-centric, but applicable to any urban transit system.
Be kind to your fellow commuters, people, or you could end up on sites like this one.
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Happy Friday, Good or otherwise.