Apr. 12th, 2013

Happy mid-April everybody!

And of course: Happy Friday! 🙂

Let’sssss take a look here…

» Reasons My Son Is Crying

A tumblr where the parent takes a picture of their son every time he starts to cry and then captions the photo with why their son was crying. It gets progressively funnier. Sort of.

» Ben Thomas: Accession

Ben Thomas is a photographic artist from Melbourne, Australia. These photos are pretty engaging. You can also buy high quality prints of them. I like it.

» Sports Balls Replaced With Cats

Hilarious, and definitely making the rounds.
If they made a highlight reel with this every night I would be pretty excited about it.
Sent in by Ashy T. and many more.

» Reach For It

A challenging, old-school shooter. I like!

Bonus Link!

» Art Institute of Chicago: Thorne Miniature Rooms

“Mrs. James Ward Thorne of Chicago loved dollhouses and miniatures as a child. After traveling in Europe where she collected miniature furniture and accessories, Mrs. Thorne commissioned over two dozen miniature rooms created by cabinetmakers from her own drawings. The scale is: one inch to one foot.”
Is thaaaaat right? Fascinating. These are incredibly detailed creations. Fantastic.

Have a lovely Friday.