Apr. 26th, 2013

Holy cow: it’s already the last Friday of April 2013!

But at least it’s Friday. 🙂

Today’s Friday Links is predominantly artistic in nature. Aaaaand go!

» David Fullarton

A great visual artist based out of San Francisco. His “Apologies” series is solid gold in my opinion.

» Hellovon

“HelloVon is the studio established in 2006 by London based illustrator and artist Von.”
There is some amazing, engaging, beautiful work here. Well done.

» Sean Hart: Shine

I like.

» Magentized

Guide a little box around tight corners and other challenges by using magnetism. It’s harder than it sounds. VERY addictive game.

Bonus Link!

» Then and Now Photo Collection: Disneyland

Some pretty cool comparison photographs of this iconic vacation destination.

Have a wonderful Friday. Hopefully your weekend will be warm and mostly sunny, instead of cloudy, like mine will apparently be… 🙁

Happy Friday!