Jul. 26th, 2013

Hooooo-wee! Friday. Finally.

To the links!!

» Long-Bin Chen

This artist carves large stacks of books into iconic depictions of ancient sculpture.
Really beautiful work.

» Jakob Wagner: Sea Of Clouds

Striking photographs of beautiful cloud formations over the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. Lovely.

» How Clothes Should Fit

[very much self explanatory]
A really indepth guide to figuring out where everything should be when you’re wearing a garment that fits correctly. Interesting. Detailed!

» Let’s Go Jaywalking!

[self explanatory]
An addictive little game.

Bonus Link!

» Smithsonian: A Cutting-Edge Second Look at the Battle of Gettysburg

A really, really indepth interactive map of this iconic battle of the American Civil War.

Happy Friday, citizens!


Jul. 19th, 2013

Welcome to another hot, hot Summer Friday.

Ready? Okay. Let’s go!!

» Afternoon Snooze Button: Nicolas Cage as Disney Princesses

[self explanatory… and about damn time!]
Suggested by numerous subscribers. Funny / creepy.

» Cat Flakes

Oddly mesmerizing.

» Daily Dishonesty

“Lovely little lies from a hungry graphic designer”
I like, especially this one.

» Gateway I

Perform a bunch of tasks and you are rewarded with VHS tapes of stuff to watch.
A great, bizarre little game.

Bonus Link!

» Jeremy Mayer

“I disassemble typewriters and then reassemble them into full-scale, anatomically correct human figures. I do not solder, weld, or glue these assemblages together- the process is entirely cold assembly.”
Holy cow.
I think this may be my favorite (so far.)

Happy Friday everybody.


Jul. 12th, 2013

Holy cow we made it to Friday.

Where I live (Toronto,) that is an achievement. Lots of people experienced crazy flooding and power outages all week. Congratulations on making it here everybody!

And now: the links!

» zen photon garden

A really interesting browser-based drawing tool… thing. I like it.

» Kit Cameo: Snowflakes

Extremely intricate paper cut-out snowflakes from this unique artist. Great stuff.

» All Natural Arts: Watch sculptures and steampunk

Tiny, pocket-watch-sized sculptures made from the parts of (well) pocket watches. Some really brilliant work here.

» BRICK[bricksmash]SMASH

A games-within-a-game version of breakout. Surprisingly addictive and challenging.

Bonus Link!

» The Capacity of an iPod Visualized as Vinyl

[self explanatory]
A bit of a single-use website, and (probably) thanks to antiquated copyright laws, they can’t show the spines of the LP’s to see which albums are in that stack.
But I like this. Conceptually.

Have a fantastic July Friday everybody. Ahhhhh…


Jul. 5th, 2013

Happy Friday everybody!

And to my American friends, happy Independence Day Weekend!

Let’s go…

» Daily Beast: You Listen To This Man Every Day

A spellbinding interview with influential music producer Rick Rubin. I posted a link to this on my facebook last week and received so much feedback about it I figured I should share it here. Full disclosure: I am an immense fan of this man. This is arguably my very favorite interview of the past ten years.

» NY Times Lens Blog – Henri Cartier-Bresson

“In 1971, Sheila Turner-Seed interviewed Henri Cartier-Bresson in his Paris studio for a film-strip series on photographers that she produced, with Cornell Capa, for Scholastic. After her death in 1979 at the age of 42, that interview, along with others she had conducted, sat like a time capsule in the archives of the International Center of Photography in New York.

That is, until 2011, when Ms. Turner-Seed’s daughter, Rachel Seed, learned of their existence and went to I.C.P. to study the tapes.”
See also Part 2.
An amazing read.
Suggested by Jessica W.

» Harold Ross: Night

Harold Ross photographs outdoor scenes in the middle of the night using “the specialized technique of light painting” to illuminate the scene. His photography is quite striking.

» Run Pixie Run

A challenging non-flash game (built in HTML5.) Bonus: it works on mobile browsers too!
Sent along by Josh M.

Bonus Link!

» Mike Wrobel: Game Of Thrones as 80’s and 90’s Characters

I think my favorite (so far) is Daenerys Targaryen. Really great work. Not that expensive to own either.

Don’t forgot: you can also see this week’s Friday Videos too!

Have a happy Friday and a fantastic weekend.