Aug. 23rd, 2013

Oh man: Friday!! At last!

Tiiiiime for some linkages… es… s.

» – Before and After

An interactive “then and now” photo comparison of several New York monuments and skyscrapers.
There are many more photos on this site, but these are the photo comparisons. Really well executed.

» What would Google Maps for Toronto look like in 1858?

This is a great little zoomable map using a source map from 1858 that was lovingly scanned and stitched together in a Google Maps-like interface. Very cool.
Suggested by Matt G.

»  Cinema’s Greatest Effects Shots Picked By Hollywood’s Top VFX Specialists

This is a fascinating piece. It’s surprising what the choices were for some people. You might be surprised.

» Mmeoww!

“Your mouse moves the kitten catcher. Break the kittens fall and land them safely. Or not.”
Strangely addictive.
Sent in by Sheena F.

Bonus Link!

» Andrew van der Merwe: Beachscriber

From Cape Town, South Africa, calligrapher Andrew van der Merwe carves intricate calligraphy into the beaches of Africa and then skillfully photographs them.
Really beautiful.
Sent along by Ashy.

Happy, happy Friday everybody.