Oct. 11th, 2013

Happy Friday, and happy Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

Here we go…

» The Oatmeal: Columbus Day

This is seriously a must read, and I am aware this is making the rounds.
Columbus Day is celebrated in the US on Monday.

» Imgur: Chinese Factory Workers & the Toys They Make

[self explanatory]
You can see more of photographer Michael Wolf’s work here.
Sent along by Dhania K.

» 10 Spectacular Movable Bridges

Some of these are pretty amazing indeed. Great find, Trevor H.

» Full Screen Mario

An HTML5 version of Mario Brothers.
This probably works best on the Chrome web browser.
Suggested by Josh M.

Bonus Link!

» Radio Free Earth

“Radio Free Earth finds the #1 song according to the Billboard Charts on a random (or determined) date, measures how long ago that date was, finds a named star that distance away, and then outputs which star that #1 song is just reaching at this moment. You can also listen to that song and imagine you are on that star!”
More info here.

Have a great (long?) weekend everybody.