Nov. 22nd, 2013

Well welcome back, Friday! Where have you been…?

Let’s get started!

» FastCoCreate: Famous Photos Reframed as Cellphone Selfies

Clever. Funny.

» What It’s Like to Fail

“The following is the personal story of David Raether, a former comedy writer for the sitcom Roseanne who later became homeless. It is adapted from his memoir, ‘Tell Me Something, She Said.'”
Heartbreaking. Inspiring. Sent along by Ashy T.

» The Roaring Twenties

“The Roaring ‘Twenties website is dedicated to that challenge, attempting to recreate for its listeners not just the sound of the past but also its sonic culture. It offers a sonic time machine; an interactive multimedia environment whereby site visitors can not just hear, but mindfully listen to, the noises of New York City in the late 1920s, a place and time defined by its din.”

» Medieval Shark

“Judgement day is upon us, as the prophecy foretold. The master of death has come to claim the world. But only a child fears dragons, a real threat emerges from the depths.”
Crazy little flash game. Very fast too. Fun!

Bonus Link!

» You Must Be

A very odd pickup line generator by Darius Kazemi.
A sample:
“Girl, you must be a shopper because you are a commercial agent who compares the merchandise and prices of competing merchants.”
Just in time for the weekend…

Happy Friday everybody!