Dec. 6th, 2013

Holy cow it is Friday!

Are you ready? Come on!

» Kanye Vs. Creative

“Who said it: Kanye West or Your Creative Director?”
Sent along by Gav P.

» Waiting In Line 3D

An odd, odd little game.
Just in time for Christmas!
Sent in by Gav P.

» 50 Insane Facts About Canada

[self explanatory]
Some good ones in here!
Sent along by Kim W.

» Xmas Troll Cannon

This is one of the strangest Xmas-themed games I think I’ve ever seen.
And I like it. 🙂

Bonus Link!

» Old Finnish People With Things On Their Head

[self explantory– Wait, what?!

Have a lovely Friday and an excellent weekend.