Dec. 13th, 2013

Friday… The Thirteenth! [orchestra!!]
Here goes…

» The Top 25 Album Covers of 2013

I know what you’re probably thinking: “What’s an album?”
These are pretty good. (And how about that Tyler the Creator cover?)

» Amazing Shadow Sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

No kidding. Amazing.
Suggested by Sid J.

» Christmas Spending – An Infographic Insight

[self explanatory]
Well designed. I like.

» Santa’s Deep Freeze

a.k.a. an Xmas-themed version of Snow Bros. Fun!

Bonus Link!

» Rocky Morphology

“There are, in fact, only a few basic narrative elements that make up the formula for all six Rocky films. Using empirical data collection […], Rocky Morphology analyzes the Rocky series in order to identify its key narrative elements.”
Actually a really beautiful data visualization project. I like.

Phew! Happy Friday everybody!