Dec. 20th, 2013


And we’re only a day away from the Solstice. Yay!

Let’s begin…

» A Treasury Of Children’s Insane Christmas Wish Lists

[self explanatory]
A sample:
“Can I have a girl elf. Love, Alexander”
Sent in by Alicia S.

» Paper Craft Castle By Wataru Itou

“A paper craft art installation by Wataru Itou, a young student of a major art university in Tokyo.”
Some stunning work here. Beautiful.

» April Winchell: It’s That Time Again!

“Yes, it’s that magical time of year when I make my library of hideous holiday music available for anyone who can stand it!”
Sent in by a surprising number of subscribers. How long can you last?

» Icy Gifts 2

“Christmas is in danger! Santa and all gifts is frozen. Blow up the ice using various weapons and power-ups to save Santa and Christmas!”
Sent in by Beth C.

Bonus Link!

» HuangQingjun: People With Their Stuff

Originally entitled “Jiadang” (or “Family Stuff”), this is a selection of photographs of people living in China’s rural communities with all of their personal belongings in front of their houses.

Have a wonderful Friday, a great weekend, and a lovely Holiday.