Jan. 24th, 2014

It is Friday!

I think that’s probably a good thing.

Here we go…


“FΔCEWORLD is a website that allows users to navigate through a 3-dimensional realm of their own personal Facebook history.”
Kind of cool.

» PCE Macplus emulator running Mac OS System 7

This is an emulator – which runs in your web browser – that runs Mac OS7 on a simulated Mac Plus. This is late-80s software. Amazing. (Kind of dull, but amazing.)

» Who Would Play You In The Movie Of Your Life?

A fun little online quiz. My result: Robert Downey Jr. (hm!)
Sent in by Lisa R.

» Continuity

Using arrows and a space bar, you must both solve the puzzle and discover which order the puzzle windows go in. Really challenging. I liked it a lot.

Bonus Link!

» 20 Seriously Strange U.S. Sex Laws

Lives up to its name, for sure.
Sent in by Marina S.

Happy Friday everybody! Hope your weekend is amazing (and warm.)