Feb. 28th, 2014

….And so we bid farewell to the month of February.

See you later, 2nd month.

And now some links…

» Theremin

A theremin simulator built in HTML5. It really works.

» Easy-Bake Evolution: 50 Years of Cakes, Cookies, and Gender Politics

An interesting look at this historic early childhood baking implement.
Suggested by Lauren M.

» Crystal Head Vodka Forensic Facial Reconstruction

[self explanatory]
That’s kind of cool!

» Twist

“Imagine, a space shooter in the abstract mathematical universe.”
A bit complex but certainly addictive and challenging. I like.

Bonus Link!

» October Jones: Commuter Doodles

Twitter poster October Jones has been sporadically posting doodles of her fellow commuters made on post-it notes. They are hilarious.
She also has her own Tumblr.

Have a happy, lovely Friday, and a beautiful first March weekend.


Feb. 21st, 2014

Welcome to your fabulous Friday!

Let’s get to the links…

» Calvin Siebert: My Sand Castles

Artist Calvin Siebert creates stunning, intricate sandcastles and photographs them. These are amazing.

» Typeset In The Future: 2001: A Space Odyssey

“Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 sci-fi masterpiece – seems an appropriate place to start a blog about typography in sci-fi.”
A bit extra-geeky but kind of fascinating.

» Vinyl Of The Day: Infinite Religions – Duality

“The album, Duality is an experimental piece of music similar in concept to The Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka. It consists of two songs, “Life” and “Death”, split onto the two sides of a record. When played together these two songs form a third song, “Duality”.”
This is a great project.

» Sesame Street Fighter

A bizarre, challenging, funny take on the old Street Fighter videogame.
Sent in by Kent L.

Bonus Link!

» ScoutingNY: The New York Filming Locations of The Godfather, Then and Now

A great, great little piece of research by ScoutingNY’s Nick Carr on the locations used in The Godfather.

Phew! We made it!

Happy Friday!


Feb. 14th, 2014

Happy Friday!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Friday links delivery time!

Let’s go…

» The Great Language Game

“Amongst the thousands of languages spoken across the world, here are just eighty. How many can you distinguish between?”
This is really difficult. (To me, and to the handful of people who suggested I link to it.)

» craigslistmirrors

“I search craigslist for photos of mirrors for sale and post them here.”
Yes, yes he certainly does do that.
An odd little site.

» Pop Pop: A Living Pedestrian Signal

“PopPop is a new type of living pedestrian signal that interacts with his street corner. Are there too many jaywalkers? How crowded is the corner? Is it rainy? PopPop knows and reacts accordingly.”
Not the best product name but it’s a neat idea.

» Squishy Bird

In light of all the copycat “flappy bird” apps out there, this is a welcome alternative.
Suggested by Traci T.

Bonus Link!

» Doge Weather

Doge reads your location and tell you the weather in his inimitable style. (“Wow”, “Such crisp”)
It was only a matter of time, I’m sure…

And there ya go!

Here’s to Friday and another excellent (Long?) weekend.


Feb. 7th, 2014

There are seven more days until Valentines Day.

…Which is also a Friday!

Let’s begin…

» NYTimes: Is That a Luge in Times Square?

“Former Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s vision of new sporting venues across the boroughs fizzled, and New York lost its bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics. But what if the city had tried to get the Winter Olympics instead?”
Some great visual juxtapositions of winter Olympic courses within cityscapes of New York. Fantastic.

» Jauntful

A really innovative travel guide creator.
“Create a guide for friends vacationing where you used to live. Leave neighborhood tips for houseguests. Make sure your parents know where to go when they come to visit.”
Brilliant idea.
This is in a preview mode at the moment but I think it’s worth a look.

» Gigapixel ArtZoom

“Gigapixel ArtZoom is an interactive multi-billion-pixel panoramic image celebrating arts in Seattle.”
This is making the rounds but definitely impressive. Its creators have placed several easter eggs for you to explore and discover.
There is also a YouTube video about how this was all created. (Part 2 is available here.)

» Box Crash Course

This may be the most frustrating game ever made.
Yet I can’t stop playing it.
Sent in by Carla H.

Bonus Link!

» Breaking Madden: The Super Bowl, in which the machine bleeds to death

“For this, the season finale of Breaking Madden, there will be bitter cold and heavy snowfall. There will also be, Lord willing, the most one-sided result in the history of sports.”
In an attempt to test the limits of Madden 25 on an Xbox, Jon Bois modifies a bunch of settings to make the game woefully one-sided. Hilarity ensues.
If you’re a football fan, but especially a console game player of NFL football, I think you will be entertained.

Happy Friday everybody.