Mar. 21st, 2014

Welcome to the first Friday of Spring, 2014!

I hope it is lovely outside, wherever you are.

But before you check that… Some links!!

» Interviewly

“Interviews with interesting people, pulled from Reddit, organized, and made prettier.”
It’s a pretty ingenious idea.
My favorite so far (and why wouldn’t it be?) is Dave Grohl.

» Gap Mannequin Project

“I try on clothes and have my photo taken because it’s fun.”
They all look so serious though!

» DVDP (aka: His Visual Chinatown)

A series of somewhat mindbending animated gifs created by Budapest-based artist Davidope.

» Circle Game

“Eat smaller circles. Avoid smaller circles”
It all sounds so simple…
Sent in by Kate S. (who is addicted.)

Bonus Link!

» Your Complete Guide To The Watches Of United States Presidents

[self explanatory]
An extremely detailed look at a pretty wide range of watches spanning nearly 240 years.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday. See you next week!