May 2nd, 2014

Welcome back to Friday. And holy cow: It’s May!

Here we go…

» Noisli

“Noisli is a fantastic background noise and color generator ideal for working and relaxing.”
Sent in by many subscribers, but kind of cool. Soooothing…

» Collector’s Weekly: My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection

“When Sarah O’Holla started her blog “My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection,” its title was a playful nod to the 1,500-album elephant in the room, poking fun at the snobbish seriousness of collectors like her partner, Alex Goldman. Despite packing and unpacking Goldman’s vinyl collection for five different moves over the course of their nine-year relationship, O’Holla had only listened to a small sliver of his music. So in a recent moment of inspiration, O’Holla set out to conquer the entire collection, writing a review for every album from A to Z.”
First off: her blog is fantastic, but this interview is also a great encapsulation of the whole process.

» CleverPet: A Console that Teaches and Feeds Your Dog All Day

“A smart WiFi-connected device your pet can use. Automatically entertain and educate your dog, even when they’re home alone.”
This is a kickstarter for a network-connected device that trains and entertains your dog.
I have a feeling my cat would actually also enjoy this. Interesting!

» Run

A fun little running game. It’s imaginative. Only issue I have: the music is repetitive. Still: fun.

Bonus Link!

» Someone Ate This

A tumblr blog of the grossest, most unappetizing photographs of, um, “food”. Caution: gross.

Happy Friday. And maybe now could we finally have some good weather?

See you next week.