May 30th, 2014

It’s the last Friday in May, which means I guess Summer can finally begin (in my hemisphere.)

And now… your Friday Links!

» TwinKind

“Hello future. Have you ever imagined a true-to-life miniature version of yourself?
We’ve made it possible through state-of-the art 3D scanning and color printing technology. The result is stunningly detailed figurines that you can hold in your hands and observe from any angle.”
Kind of an interesting idea.
The process definitely takes time to look the best. But I kind of like it.

» Flocabulary

“Flocabulary presents academic content in a highly-engaging, contemporary format. Let the topic speak for itself, providing students with both visual and aural exposure.”
Academic content presented via hip-hop. This is a fascinating idea.
Extra points for one of the best domain names I’ve heard of in years. (Which also should be a hip-hop artist’s name.)

» 50 Ways To Get A Job

Speaking as someone who recently found one, after a lengthy search, I do recommend this website. It’s fascinating how it breaks things down. It may not help you actually find that job, but it will inform the way you search. I like.

» One Button Bob

The button does a different thing in each level. It starts off easy enough…

Bonus Link!

» Rick Ashley: Prom Couples

“The high school prom is a social ritual unique to North America, and as with any good ritual photography is an integral part. From an early age we are coached on how to present ourselves to the camera, yet we still look to the photographer for direction and validation.”
Sweet and awkward and sincere. Some great work here. Timely, too.

Happy Friday! See you next week.