Jul. 4th, 2014

Ohhh saaaay caaaan yoouuu seeeee?

The Friday Links are here!! (waves a flag)

Here we go…

» Medium: How a Password Changed my Life

Medium poster Mauricio Estrella decided to turn his regular password update requirements into a daily life-changing mantra. I like this story a lot.

» Idea: Pre-pixelated clothes for Reality TV shows

“I don’t watch much Reality TV, but I’ve seen enough of it to notice an on-going phenomenon: Someone wears a garment with a trademarked logo or artwork on it, and the producers have to pixelate it beyond recognition in post-production.”
I’ll take one in a Large.
Hilarious idea.

» The Art of the Title: Halt and Catch Fire

How the intro title sequence was storyboarded for the awesome (my opinion) AMC show Halt and Catch Fire.

» The Mind

A very cute little platformer game. Fantastic.
Sent in by Haylez B.

Bonus Link!

» fivethirtyeight: Lionel Messi Is Impossible

A very in-depth analysis into why Lionel Messi is actually measurably the best football player in the world. (Since it’s still World Cup and all…)

Happy Friday, and for my American friends: Happy Independence Day (long weekend.)

See you all next week.