Aug. 29th, 2014


And the end of August (Booooo!)

And links!!

» The Atlantic: The Star Wars George Lucas Doesn’t Want You To See

I especially enjoyed the extensive efforts that went into what is known as the “Despecialized Edition”, which is now freely available from a group of video restoration experts calling themselves “Harmy”. This is a crazy, insightful article.

» Building 3D with Ikea

Did you know that nearly 75% of the Ikea catalogue images are now completely computer generated? Everything from the lighting to the “random” placement of items on a busy-looking desk to the composition: all CGI. The people are real but placed in CG environments.
I did not know this!

» UFOCinque (UFO5): Cut Paper Art

These are really beautiful and intricate.
There is also a Flickr gallery with many more images.

» Ricochet Kills 4

Shoot the bad guys using a very small amount of bullets. It’s challenging (and has cartoon blood, so be warned.)

Bonus Link!

» 25 Perfectly Timed Dog Pictures

[self explanatory]
Some of these are ingenious.

Happy Friday! See you next week.


Aug. 22nd, 2014

Hey everybody! Over here!


And here are your Friday links.

» A Better Queue

“A Better Queue lets you filter Netflix’s instantly streaming movies by Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer, number of reviews, years, and genres. It also lets you add movies straight to your queue. Made with Ruby on Rails, the Netflix API, and the Rotten Tomatoes API.”
This is a brilliant, brilliant idea.

» Faber Castell Artist Pen art by Chan Hwee Chong

These are fantastic. Recognizable works of art recreated in a single large, nuanced spiral by this impressive artist.

» Maskull Lasserre: Decoy Study

“For his latest body of work, artist Maskull Lasserre acquired a number of souvenir sculptures, the kind found in antique stores or craft fairs that have been mass-produced by anonymous artists, which he then used as a foundation for his own artwork. In a process he refers to as “re-carving,” Lasserre removed details from the artist’s original work to reveal intricate skeletal structures”
[Hat tip to Colossal.]

» Glitch Dungeon

A somewhat typical 8-bit dungeon platform game, but with interesting glitches that help the player complete certain tasks. Fun!

Bonus Link!

» Hatnote: Listen to Wikipedia

“Listen to the sound of Wikipedia’s recent changes feed. Bells indicate additions and string plucks indicate subtractions. Pitch changes according to the size of the edit; the larger the edit, the deeper the note.”
This is both soothing and fascinating.

Here’s to yet another wonderful Friday.



Aug. 15th, 2014

Welcome back to Friday, and the middle of August!

And now [ominous music]… to the links!

» A Spacecraft For All

An amazing interactive documentary on the launch, abandonment and eventual resuscitation of the ISEE-3 spacecraft, originally launched in 1978.
This kind of blew my mind, that this is possible. Amazing.

» Same Pinup Girl Drawn in 15 Very Different Situations

“As someone who can only draw conclusions, the work of David Jablow is imaginative and humorous. He has an active Flickr Stream with over 30+ illustrations, be sure to check all of them out!”
These are outstanding, and they turn a pinup girl into a series of much stronger female figures. I like very much.

» The 1979 Rockford Files Episode that Inspired The Sopranos

In the late 1970s, David Chase (the eventual creator of The Sopranos) wrote a couple of episodes of The Rockford Files for NBC. Those rwo episodes were a sort of “dry run” for what would eventually become The Sopranos, which Chase would create nearly 20 years later for HBO!

» Quebrix

A pretty challenging little puzzle game. I like!

Bonus Link!

» The Toast: Every Canadian Novel Ever

“#22: It Doesn’t Really Matter, You Can Tell By the Emily Carr Painting on the Cover That This Novel Is Important”
I lol’d!

Have a terrific Friday everybody! See you in a week!


Aug. 8th, 2014

August 8th! If you are from China, that makes today lucky, apparently. So… hooray!

But I am not from China so… UNlucky? (I hope not…)

But in the meantime: Friday Links!!!1!

» earth :: an animated map of global wind and weather

“a visualization of global weather conditions
forecast by supercomputers
updated every three hours”
(Also, I am a weather nerd.)

» The Brick Fantastic: 50 States of Lego

Jeff Friesen creates Lego dioramas for all 50 United States. They’re whimsical, detailed and clever.
He’s also done Great White North for Canada.

» 25 Creative Buildings Around The World

[self explanatory]
More lists, I know. But some of these are pretty great!
Suggested by Alison L.

» Lucky Duckies

An exceptionally challenging little flash game. Addictive! (And frequently heartbreaking.)
Sent along by Crys H.

Bonus Link!

» The Abyss Table by Duffy

This was making the rounds for a while but it’s still absolutely gorgeous. (And frikkin’ expensive, at $5,800 USD! DO NOT put your coffee on that, Sir or Madam!!)
A really unique, beautiful piece of art / furniture.

Have a happy (*LUCKY*) Friday!

See you in 7 days.


Aug. 1st, 2014

Well hello August.

And helloooooo Friday!

Links time!!

» I Know Where Your Cat Lives

“I Know Where Your Cat Lives is a data experiment that visualizes a sample of 1 million public pics of cats on a world map, locating them by the latitude and longitude coordinates embedded in their metadata. The cats were accessed via publicly available APIs provided by popular photo sharing websites.”
This is impressive (to me.)

» Grandpa’s Photos

“We found these amazing photos Grandpa took in a box when cleaning out his house. Please help find the locations in the photos in the hope of a few Grandpa stories. This site holds 50 of Grandpa’s best travel photos and 50 of Grandpa’s family photos. In the hope of allowing as many people as possible to appreciate Grandpa’s beautiful photos.”
This is an amazing little trove of images. The comments are just extra icing. So great.

» Hubert Duprat: Caddis

There are a lot of sites covering M. Duprat’s use of caddis fly larvae in the collaborative creation of bejeweled “cases” for themselves, but his work actually covers a lot of ground. I like.
There is also a great short video from 2011 covering his work.
Hat tip to Cassie P.

» Pinata Hunter

Place your paper bag where you think it will catch the most candy, and whack the hell out of that pinata!!
Strangely addictive.
Sent in by Jenni W.

Bonus Link!

» NoseMouth

“All nose. No mouth”
This is brilliant.
Sent in by many subscribers.

Have a Happy Friday everybody!

See you next week!