Oct. 3rd, 2014


And links!

» Lorraine Loots: 365 Postcards For Ants

“365 Postcards for Ants is the second phase of a project started on 1 January 2013, which involved me creating a miniature painting every single day for the entire year.”
These paintings are both incredibly tiny and incredibly detailed. Very well done.
Her Instagram feed gives a better idea of the very small scale she works at. Impressive.

» Gravity Simulator

This is a very exploratory flash… simulation. It’s not really a game. There are no goals. You make things, and give them velocity and direction. And then you watch them move and interact.
Potentially hours of (science!) fun.

» McSweeney’s: Glen Garry, Bob Ross

“What am I painting? F*ck you, that’s what I’m painting. You know why, mister? You drive to the store to get your paint supplies in a Hyundai, I drive an $80,000 BMW. That’s what I’m painting.”
Another hilarious gem from McSweeney’s, written by Zak Wortman.

» Gridland

A fun, fast, addictive “match 3” game.

Bonus Link!

» QWERkywriter

“The Qwerkywriter is an 84 key, USB, Bluetooth enabled, typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard that simulates a tactile clicky feel of a vintage typewriter.”
Xmas is coming… 😉

Have a great weekend!