Oct. 17th, 2014

Yaaaay we made it to Friday!

Congratulations! And here are some links.

» Ebola Deeply

“The Ebola Files are a collection of text and interactive materials designed to help you understand this public health crisis. From history to science to the search for a cure, the issues they cover will get you up to speed on the state of the deadly outbreak.”
A carefully curated set of updates about the Ebola virus outbreak, so we can all keep some perspective about this disease.

» Inspirograph

An HTML5 interpretation of this classic 1970’s drawing toy.
Even better (for nerds)? The source code is available for free.

» Vintage Disney Parks

Being a Tumblr site collecting as much vintage content from the original Disney parks as possible.

» Reimagine The Game Game

… That’s what it’s actually called.
One of the strangest and most entertaining games I’ve played in a while. Awesome.

Bonus Link!

» 18 Of The Most Bizarre Smuggling Schemes Caught by US Customs

“every day people at my work ask why customs controls can take a little while. these are some of the tricks smugglers were busted using.”

Have a great weekend everybody.

See you in seven days.