Oct. 24th, 2014

Yaaaaaay Friday!


Links time!!

» BBC: Your Life On Earth

“How you and the world have changed since you were born. Best viewed on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10 and above”
Some interesting stats here. I like this.

» Fred Lyon: San Francisco Portfolio

This is a gallery of some of the photos that Mr. Lyon took of San Francisco from the 1940’s and 50’s. They’re stunning.
A larger collection is available in his book, San Francisco, Portrait of a City: 1940-1960.
Great stuff.

» SeeHearParty

A fun little gif + music collage maker.

» Monster Playground

A cool Hallowe’en story that features several easter eggs. One of the more interesting “parallax” web designs I’ve seen in a while.

Bonus Link!

» Drunk J. Crew

i drobbed
my gum”
This made me laugh.
Making the rounds but it’s also pretty clever.

Have a great autumn weekend.

Next week: Hallowe’en!! (booOOOoooo)