Nov. 7th, 2014

Happy Friday everybody!

Let’s begin…

» World Of Swiss

A great HTML5 site for SwissAir. Some great design and user interface ideas here. Beautiful.

» Simplify That Shit

Choose and upload an image. This site will turn it into minimalist modern art.
You’re welcome.

» Landcarpet

“Landcarpet is a modern area rug, inspired by nature and farmed landscapes. It shows the world from straight above, as we usually see it only out of the window of a plane.”
I’d love one of the Hong Kong carpets. Very intricate.

» Bash The Computer

[self explanatory]
A very simple flash game.
Sent along by Carlos H.

Bonus Link!

» Pop Culture Twitter Lists

Got a favorite show? Quickly reference Twitter feeds of that show’s cast. A pretty interesting idea. “Twitter: brought to you by the cast of SCTV.” (For example.)

Have a lovely night, and a lovely weekend.

See you in seven days!