Jan. 30th, 2015


And the end of January. See ya later, January!

To the links, and apologies in advance for not finding a decent game all week. If you found one, share it with me (by replying.)

» If 2015’s Oscar-nominated movie posters told the truth

[self explanatory]
All of these are great, if a little pessimistic.

» The Strange Story Of Joe Flynn And His Scrambled Dream

This is a bizarre, excellently designed hoax.
See also this article.
h/t: Kottke.org

» Tokyobling: A Paper Craft Castle On the Ocean

“I had the wonderful opportunity to see this wonderful paper craft art installation by a genius of the name of Wataru Itou (伊藤航), a young student of a major art university here in Tokyo. The installation is hand made over four years of hard work, complete with electrical lights and a moving train, all made of paper!”
Four years!!

» Frozen in a Bubble by Angela Kelly

“Washington-based photographer Angela Kelly uses the freezing temperatures to blow bubbles with her son and take pictures of the spectacular results.”
These are gorgeous!

Bonus Link!

» MakeSpace

“You pack. We’ll pick up, store, and redeliver.”
Of course, U.S.-only. But a pretty neat idea.

See you in a week!


Jan. 23rd, 2015

Friday! And January is nearly at an end.

Time for some links!

» Michael Sydney Moore

“The process begins with taking taking a series of photographs at a chosen location either at your house or in my studio. Whichever is more convenient. This stage usually takes around 2 hours. More than a hundred photos are taken until a set of three are chosen that I like. This informs a series of tonal drawings that allow me to better judge which would best suit a painting.”
Got that? These are paintings! This guy is extremely talented. The process is so labor-intensive that he only produces a handful of paintings per year.
He’s also only 23 years old. Simply amazing.
Hat tip to Tina R. E.

» White Album App

“Take 24 photos & have them sent to your door without seeing them digitally first.”
They claim “it’s like a disposable camera… just better.” You get a bound photo album sent to you in a couple weeks after submitting the 24 photos you take in the app.
I question how successful this will be, but who knows? I like the notion. It would be a neat little keepsake.

[A quick update from July 24, 2015: White Album had to shut down. 🙁 ]

» A Cup of Jo: How to outsource your life

No kidding. Every single thing you need done you can outsource.
In the US at least. (Most of this not available in Canada, or probably other countries either.)
Still: fascinating.

» Failman

“The man who fails.”
The goal is to complete each level by performing a series of simple tasks. The animation and art in this is quirky to say the least. I like it.

Bonus Link!

» Tree Change Dolls

“These dolls have been rescued and rehabilitated from op-shops and tip shops around Tasmania. These lil fashion dolls have opted for a ‘tree change’, swapping high-maintenance glitz ‘n’ glamour for down-to-earth style. I hand repaint the dolls faces, mold new shoes, and my Mum sews and knits their clothing.”
All that is known about whoever is doing this is that he (she?) is an artist based in Tasmania who tries to find old, used Bratz dolls and removes all the gross makeup and turns the dolls back into likenesses of children.
It’s kind of fascinating.

Have a lovely Friday everybody!


Jan. 16th, 2015

Welcome back to Friday everybody!

Here are some links…

» Vincent Laforet: Night Over New York

(Originally discovered here.)
“This flight required extensive planning and special clearances – we were actually flying ABOVE all of the airline traffic landing at JFK, LGA and Newark airports … Imagine leaning out of an open door of a helicopter 7,500 feet over New York City on a very dark and chilly night…”
Hauntingly beautiful.
Making the rounds, and I can see why.

» How Wes Anderson’s Cinematographer Shot These 9 Great Scenes

[self explanatory]
An insightful interview with cinematographer Robert Yeoman about some of the more intricate and iconic moments shot while working with Wes Anderson.
A great read.

» Metazz: Retro Redesign of Classic Metal Album Covers

All of these are great.
Sent along by Ralph A.

» Dots

“The player takes turns with the computer drawing a line to connect two dots, either horizontally or vertically. If a player makes the line that completes a box, that player scores one point.”
More than mildly addictive.
Sent in by Erin C.

Bonus Link!

» Ship Your Enemies Glitter

“We send glitter to the people you hate.”
[self explanatory]
Making the rounds but kind of hilarious, so I included it here.

Have a great weekend. And hopefully it’s not crazy cold for everybody out there.

See you all in a week.


Jan. 9th, 2015

Holy cow it’s Friday already.

I’m a little late this week. But here we go…

» 99U: 7 Pieces Of Wisdom That Will Change The Way You Work

Pretty great. Actual words to live by, in my opinion. (And not merely related to work.)

» Kinetic Creatures

Cardboard animal models that can walk. You put them together yourself and then after they’re built you can power them with a little crank, or an optional electric motor.
Just in time for Xmas! I like these.

» Google Research: Periodic Table of Elements

A neat interactive view of the current table of elements, with neat breakdowns including which elements are in the human body, which are most / least abundant, etc.

» Abyss

Think flappy bird with impending death from beneath. It\’s frustrating but also addictive. Yikes.

Bonus Link!

» Nick Acosta: Star Trek in Cinerama

“Forty eight years ago this week Star Trek debuted its first episode on NBC. The show, like all other shows at the time, was broadcast in the old style 4×3 aspect ratio. Using HD screen caps from my friends at Trekcore.com, I created this project of what the show would have looked like in Cinerama widescreen.”
A bit of a laborious process led to the creation of these arguably much wider shots from the original 1960’s TV show.

Happy Friday!

See you in a week.


Jan. 2nd, 2015

Happy New Year (+1)

And welcome to the Friday Links!

Heeeeere we go…

» Time.com: What Happened to the Future Leaders of the 1990s?

“In 1994, TIME picked 50 people to keep an eye on
Exactly 20 years ago, the the Dec. 5, 1994, issue of TIME made a gamble, predicting the 50 people who were the most promising leaders for the future.”
A good read.

» Crumbles

A website that accepts phrases of a certain length, and then “speaks” those phrases using individual words culled from movies.
This probably took a boatload of time to build.

» Monkey Fortune Tell

What is this I don’t even…

» Making Monkeys

A pretty fun little platformer. I like.
Sent in by Traci T.

Bonus Link!

» 25 Stunning Photos Within The Mystical World Of Mushrooms

I know: mushrooms?! But look at them!

Thanks for sharing this tiny portion of your Friday with me. See you next week!