Jan. 2nd, 2015

Happy New Year (+1)

And welcome to the Friday Links!

Heeeeere we go…

» Time.com: What Happened to the Future Leaders of the 1990s?

“In 1994, TIME picked 50 people to keep an eye on
Exactly 20 years ago, the the Dec. 5, 1994, issue of TIME made a gamble, predicting the 50 people who were the most promising leaders for the future.”
A good read.

» Crumbles

A website that accepts phrases of a certain length, and then “speaks” those phrases using individual words culled from movies.
This probably took a boatload of time to build.

» Monkey Fortune Tell

What is this I don’t even…

» Making Monkeys

A pretty fun little platformer. I like.
Sent in by Traci T.

Bonus Link!

» 25 Stunning Photos Within The Mystical World Of Mushrooms

I know: mushrooms?! But look at them!

Thanks for sharing this tiny portion of your Friday with me. See you next week!