Jan. 9th, 2015

Holy cow it’s Friday already.

I’m a little late this week. But here we go…

» 99U: 7 Pieces Of Wisdom That Will Change The Way You Work

Pretty great. Actual words to live by, in my opinion. (And not merely related to work.)

» Kinetic Creatures

Cardboard animal models that can walk. You put them together yourself and then after they’re built you can power them with a little crank, or an optional electric motor.
Just in time for Xmas! I like these.

» Google Research: Periodic Table of Elements

A neat interactive view of the current table of elements, with neat breakdowns including which elements are in the human body, which are most / least abundant, etc.

» Abyss

Think flappy bird with impending death from beneath. It\’s frustrating but also addictive. Yikes.

Bonus Link!

» Nick Acosta: Star Trek in Cinerama

“Forty eight years ago this week Star Trek debuted its first episode on NBC. The show, like all other shows at the time, was broadcast in the old style 4×3 aspect ratio. Using HD screen caps from my friends at Trekcore.com, I created this project of what the show would have looked like in Cinerama widescreen.”
A bit of a laborious process led to the creation of these arguably much wider shots from the original 1960’s TV show.

Happy Friday!

See you in a week.