Feb. 27th, 2015

Welcome to the final Friday in February. (Illiteration.)

And now it’s time for the Friday Links!

» Cut Maps

Cut Maps sell a series of laser-cut maps manufactured from sheets of steel, EVA foam, or plywood.
They’ve made these for a surprisingly large number of cities. Beautiful.

» Spaceprob.es

“Spaceprob.es catalogs the active human-made machines that freckle our solar system and dot our galaxy. For each space probe, we’ve affectionately crafted a short-and-sweet summary as well as handpicked geeky hyperlinks we think are worth exploring.”
I am a spacecraft nerd, so this is kind of right up my alley. But it might be your thing too!

» Coin Jewelry Company

“I thought it would be really cool to take an everyday object and repurpose it into art. I’ve always loved coins. The history, the designs, the collectability. So I thought, how can I make them even more special than they already are?”
These are great and surprisingly affordable. I like.
Sent along by Kim N.

» Wheely 4

An interesting little puzzle game. Fun to tinker with.
Sent in by Olivia W.

Bonus Link!

» Flight Stream

“Experiment to map many of the airline flights between world airports. It’snot showing real time positions (which would be amazing but I don’t have that data) but rather, great-circle routes between major airports based on flight data from the Open Flights site.”
A great little simulation.

Have a great Friday, and a fantastic weekend. Whuhoo!