Apr. 24th, 2015

Your Friday Links have arrived…

And it’s already the last Friday in April!

Just a quick note that both the Friday Links and the Friday Videos websites are now mobile and tablet friendly. I heard your concerns and I rearranged a few things. Thanks for your understanding while I got all of that happening over the past few weeks.

So let’s get going…

» Inside Abbey Road

A mind blowing insider’s look at this historic recording facility. Great work.
Sent in by many, many subscribers.

» Gradient Forest

Created by Vince McKelvie.

» Mosh.io

A great little browser experiment that performs photographic effects on your image of choice.
Great stuff.

» Stickman Dirtbike

A challenging little bike racer. Also not a bad band name.

Bonus Link!


“I remember poking around on the CD of the PC Version of WipEout back in the day, looking for ways to modify the game. I was thrilled to find .pcx images of all textures and tried to change one of the in-game billboard graphics to show my name. I wasn’t able to get it working.
Now, almost 20 years later, I thought I’d give it another shot.”
This is definitely a very nerdy deep-dive into the data that went into producing 3D race track levels, but this guy also built a JavaScript 3D Model Viewer to display the data he was able to successfully extract.

Have a great Friday and a great weekend.


Apr. 17th, 2015

Friday has arrived.Right on time…

Let’s hit the links!
(Wait, is that a golf joke?)

» Local Eyes Project

“We get on an airplane, with our travel guides and notes of friends. It starts with the discovery of a new land. We hope to meet locals, who would show us something new and unexpected. We are looking for something new, unknown, surprising. A few weeks before our departure, we will send selected locals a disposable camera. Our route will let us pick it up once the film over. It is once returned to France that they will get developed . So finally, our travel photos, it’s the locals who will decide.”
This is a pretty in-depth project. I like it.

» big blue boo

Some great abstract animated gifs from artist Charlie Deck.

» veryman

This is a 3D model in your browser that you can customize (weirdly) and then export as a gif.
Because of course you can.
If you don’t want to bother customizing your own, you can click the “new friend” button and a completely random character will be generated.
This is easily the weirdest thing I have seen this year. (And it’s only April.)

» Kill The Plumber

i.e.: Reverse Mario Brothers. You play as all the enemies of Mario.
Pretty fun!

Bonus Link!

» The Average Faces of Rock

A shaving company used computers to “average” the faces of all the members of several rock groups. The effect is kind of interesting. You can tell which band it is even without being told. I also like this quote:
“We wanted to include KISS with makeup, however the result was just a white and black mess. As for ZZ Top, that image was simpl(y) a mashup of sunglasses and facial hair.”
Doesn’t mean we still wouldn’t want to see it. 🙂
Well done.

Happy Friday everybody.


Apr. 10th, 2015

Yayyyy Friday!

And where I am, it’s rainy. Bleah.

So! Time for some links!

» HTML5 Drum Machine

Yes, a drum machine in your web browser.
You can save your patterns and everything.

» I created these VHS covers for april’s fool

There is a longer article (in French) available here.
They look pretty accurate for around 1982 – 83 or so. Great work.

» The Worst Internet Things Bracket

Final Four was last week, I know, so my timing is off. But this is still a great read. (And funny.)

» Orbit or Beat

You orbit a circle, and music plays. You have to avoid obstacles by orbiting on the inside or outside of the circle. More challenges rack up from there.
Definitely challenging. A fun little distraction.

Bonus Link!

» All the presidents’ delightfully awkward first pitches

A great little collection. Just in time for baseball season!
Sounds like an odd film title. (Starring Dustin Hoffman?)

Happy (rainy) Friday everybody.


Apr. 3rd, 2015

It is Friday!

It is April!

It is (where I live) a Long Weekend!

It is time for your Friday Links! 🙂

» Vector map

A pretty interesting piece of code that overlays any Google Maps view of the earth with vector graphics.
It looks like any futuristic map from a late-70s / early-80s sci-fi movie. 🙂

» Inside Insides

Andy Ellison does some “Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Foods”
A great little find sent in by Cassie P.

» Catcordian

[= cat + accordian]
Because the Internet.

» Google Maps Pac Man

Making the rounds but just amazingly well done. You can pick any street! (At least: you can now. This may be an April Fools Only situation.)

Bonus Link!

» Fake Self-Help Books

These are just great.


See you next week. Have a great (long) weekend.