Apr. 10th, 2015

Yayyyy Friday!

And where I am, it’s rainy. Bleah.

So! Time for some links!

» HTML5 Drum Machine

Yes, a drum machine in your web browser.
You can save your patterns and everything.

» I created these VHS covers for april’s fool

There is a longer article (in French) available here.
They look pretty accurate for around 1982 – 83 or so. Great work.

» The Worst Internet Things Bracket

Final Four was last week, I know, so my timing is off. But this is still a great read. (And funny.)

» Orbit or Beat

You orbit a circle, and music plays. You have to avoid obstacles by orbiting on the inside or outside of the circle. More challenges rack up from there.
Definitely challenging. A fun little distraction.

Bonus Link!

» All the presidents’ delightfully awkward first pitches

A great little collection. Just in time for baseball season!
Sounds like an odd film title. (Starring Dustin Hoffman?)

Happy (rainy) Friday everybody.