May 1st, 2015

Welcome back to Friday, and of course welcome to May, 2015.

Links time!

William Kass: Minimize – FOOD

Some really stylized photography of miniature characters using food (and food related items) as the foundation of the setting.

Some of these are just great.

Alton Brown Answers 23 Of Our Most Difficult Questions

“Yes, we asked him about Beyoncé.”


“Noon Pacific™ is a weekly playlist of the best songs handpicked from the best music blogs, delivered to your inbox every Monday at Noon (Pacific Time).”

Not bad at all.

Circle Game

A completely addictive browser game. Collect balls smaller than or equal to your size, and avoid anything larger. It is crazy difficult to master, but once you get okay at it it becomes somewhat meditative.

If you prefer, there is also an online multiplayer version known as Agario which is just as addictive, but adds a competitive aspect as well.

I like.

Sent in by Taylor M.

Bonus Link!

Streetart Meets Optical Illusions: Felice Varini unveils a Series of new Pieces in Paris // France

These are beautiful, but at the same time if I were driving I would probably be distracted by some of these.

I hope your Friday is most excellent!

See you next week.